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Ref.nummer: 1-841
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#197XXX. Caliber 44 Colt Centerfire. Standard 8" Round barrel. Ejector rod attached, loading lever removed and barrel lug plugged. This is the very rare "Transition or Type II or Second Model"! Has barrel and ejector type of the Richards and the conversion plate and hammer of the Richards-Mason. With the 1871 and 1872 patent date on left side of the frame. About 20% of the original blue remaining on barrel and some in the protected area's. Traces of color case on the hammer. Mechanically excellent with an bright shiny very fine bore that has some light surface pitting. All numbers present and correct. Wedge unnumbered (is correct!)Nice cylinder scene with a few spots of surface pitting. These arms are rare and are a very desirable variation in the conversion production. To find a blued Second Model with any appreciable finish remaining is extremely difficult! Total production of Model 1860 Army Richards conversion revolvers is estimated at approximately 9,000, and a very big majority of those are the standard model rather than this limited number produced transitional 2nd Model/Type II variation. Made cc 1875. Fine!


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