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Ref.nummer: 1-846
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#824XX Frame / 825XX Barrel. Cal. 44 percussion. Standard 8" octagon barrel. Has a different serial number on Barrel and Frame (under left grip). The original barrel was rejected after military inspection and was replaced by a new military (P) inspected barrel. Any revolver that failed military inspection process was stamped with a letter "C". This "C" can be found twice under the left grip near the serial number.. This explains the "higher" serial number on the barrel! Cylinder and triggerguard have the same #number as the frame. Retains about 80% of original blue overall and 50% of original case hardening on the hammer. Standard front sight. Grips in perfect condition. Mechanically perfect plus a mint bore! Left grip has a perfect military Inspector cartouche "B.J" Benjamin Harris. Single letter Ordnance sub-inspection marks are stamped on all parts of the gun including loading lever. The Remington New Model Army Revolver was issued to Federal cavalry regiments during the last two years of the Civil War.This gun was made in 1864! A Civil War era military revolver in excellent + condition, and 100% correct!! A rare variation of this classic revolver!! One of the best "C" models we have ever offered for sale. Total production about 122.000.


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