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Ref.nummer: LEAT0099
Prijs BTW in: 475,00 Euro


Model 1864 .58 ball cartridge box, Type II with inner flap. Complete with all straps, buckles and 2 original tin magazines. Each tin had a lower section containing 10 cartridges and two upper sections, one with 6, the second with 4 cartridges, totalling 40 cartridges in the box. Manufacturers name on the backside of box between the waist belt loops; "SH Young & Co Newark, NJ" (SH. Young was a U.S. Government contractor during thr Civil War). Box Is also military inspected, has an Army Subinspector mark on the lower right of the front flap, but is unfortunately illegible (most probably R. White who was the Sub Inspector for S.H. Young). Shows some wear and use but retains practically all black finish. Sound honest box in far above average condition. Perfect partner for a U.S. Civil War Musket! Excellent!.


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