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Ref.nummer: LEAT0106
Prijs BTW in: 1895,00


Military belt with front and back sabre strap (both straps would loop through the suspension rings on the trooper’s scabbard), it also has the shoulder strap. Made in black bridle leather. The buckle is the 1863 period regulation, single piece, applied silver wreath, Pattern 1851 sword belt plate. Included is also the sabre hook to attach the sword when dismounted. The belt has the manufacturer"s stamp; " W. H. WILKINSON, SPRINGFIELD, MASS. next to the belt hook. W.H. Wilkinson was an Army contracter that started manufacturing Cavalry Cartridge Boxes, Saber Belts and Belt Plates, Holsters and other Cavalry Equipment during the Civil War. Also present next to the two rivets of the Buckle clasp is a U.S. ordnance sub inspector stamp; " G. T. Woodbury.", indicating military inspection! Two Initials "JL" (owner?) are carved between the two rivets of the short sabre sling. The buckle is numbered 197 and the belt clasp has number 189. This bridle leather sabre belt and accoutrements was used during the Civil War. As such not many have survived! A very desirable set made during the Civil War. Excellent condition!!


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