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Ref.nummer: LEAT0109
Prijs BTW in: 425,00


Vintage and all original patent 1914 Audley revolver holster for the Colt Model 1889, 1892 or S&W 1899, 6" Barrel revolvers. It is marked on the holster belt loop between the 3 rivets; AUDLEY, PATENTED OCT.13.1914. The Audley Safety Holster which F. H. Audley applied for patents in 1912 and were approved October 13, 1914. The holster incorporates a spring loaded steel catch in the body of the holster which securely holds the revolverl in place. It can only be released by using the index finger to depress the catch. It is virtually impossible for anyone other than the person wearing the holster to do this. No other retaining strap is required. They were popular with many officers during WW1. This holster is complte with the metal sping catch inside that works perfectly. The stitching throughout is perfect. The holster has a folded over belt loop which is secured with stitching and three metal rivets. These holsters were only mfg'd for approximately. 19 months, as Audley died May 10, 1916, and the nomenclature to the back of the holsters was changed to ''Folsom Audley Patent''. Condition of this rare and difficult to find holster is excellent plus.


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