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Ref.nummer: ACCO0037
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Framed Sodier"s Memorial for Captain John N. Davidson of the 195th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company F. , mustered for one year as Captain on March 18th. 1865 at Columbus, Ohio, one month before the end of the Civil War!! (Robert E. Lee surrendered the last major Confederate army to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9, 1865. The last battle was fought at Palmito Ranch, Texas, on May 13, 1865). He served under Colonel H. B. Bannings. John Davidson first enlisted in 1862 in Company E, 59 Regt. Ojhio Volunteers, but never reached his regiment on account of fever with which he laid in hospital for three weeks. Has never mustered in the 59th. Regiment. He travelled for about two years for health reasons on the Pacific Coast Came home and was commissioned by Governor Brough as Recruitign Officer. Recruited two companies. Commissioned as Captain of one of them and was sent to the front before Richmond, Virginia. He died of typhoid fever on June 18th. 1865 at Summit Point West-Virginia. The document was published by Baker and Wetherby of Columbus, Ohio in 1866. A picture of Captain Davidson can be seen in the center of the document. Frame measures 22 1/2" X 18 1/2"inch. Rare! Very Fine condition.


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