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Ref.nummer: 3-389
Prijs BTW in: P.O.R


#486. Cal. 44-40 CF. 7-1/2" Barrel. Walnut grips. Gun retains no original nickel finish. Stamped "44" on trigger bow indicating Cal. 44-40 CF. Standard address " E.REMINGTON & SONS. ILLION. N.Y. U.S.A. on top of barrel. Has light surface pitting on frame, heavier on both sides of hammer. Well used but 100% original. Mechanically perfect, bore and cylinder fine with surface pitting. Serial number "486" also present on loading gate. Has number "2523" stamped on the bottom of the right grip, meaning unknown. The gun was taken to the Liege Proofhouse for identification and authenticity by the previous owner. In Liège, after inspection a number "BE-00051" was stamped on the bottom of the backstrap. The gun was inspected but NOT proofed and as such shows NO proofmarks. A certificate was given by Liège after the inspection and is included with the gun. With only about 25.000 made, the majority (about 16.000) in Cal. 44 Remington, this is a gun which is not easy to find. Made cc.1880. Very good condition. Cartridges shown for information purposes only.


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