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Ref.nummer: 2-1013
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Not serial numbered. Cal. 58 Percussion. Overall length 38 3/4". Type II. The carbine is loaded with a paper cartridge. Amoskeag received an order for 6.000 carbines from the U.S. Ordnance dept. in 1863. but refused delivery in 1864. As the story goes the majority of the carbines were sold to France for use in the Franco-Prussian wars. The carbine has a fixed blade front sight and two-leaf folding rear sight mounted ahead of the breechblock. The top of the breechblock is marked "EDWARD LINDNER'S/PATENT/MARCH 29, 1859", and the lock is dated "1864" behind the hammer and marked "U eagle S" / AMOSKEAG MFG CO/ MANCHESTER, N.H.". With the exception of a small letter "C" on the bottom of the stock directly behind the lower tang, the carbine is correctly absent of any inspection marks. These carbines have many features of the Special Model 1861 Rifle-Musket. The stock appearing to be an altered musket type, identical lock and markings and a trigger guard with a sling ring attached to the reversed bow. Mounted with a smooth one piece straight grip stock with a steel forend and steel carbine buttplate marked "U.S." on the tang. Light pitting on barrel, heavier on lock. Address is only partly visible but all there. A good honest Civil War era carbine that has seen a lot of use. Mecanically perfect with a near mint bore! Not too many of these around! Only about 6.000 of the second type were made. Very good condition, 100% correct! Cartridges shown for information purposes only.


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