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Ref.nummer: 2-1016
Prijs BTW in: P.O.R


#70XX. Cal.50 Percussion. Standard 21-5/8" part round/octagonal barrel which retains 90% of its original blue now turning brown. Frame is showing nice traces of colour case on both sides. Buttplate is brown with surface pitting. Wood is fine with a hairline crack on the right side. Underside of the barrel near muzzle has a small area of surface pitting. Standard Poultney & Trimble Baltimore U.S.A. address and 1857 Patent date on left side of frame. A military inspector stamp LFR (Lafayette F. Rogers) is present on left side of barrel, also has a "JH" (Joseph Hannis) cartouche on the left side of the stock. Bore like new, mechanically perfect. A total of 30,362 Smith carbines were purchased by the United States during the Civil War. According to the serial number, this gun was delivered to the U.S. Government between December 16, 1862 and February 17, 1863 and as such was most likely used during the Civil War! Union cavalry units known to have carried the Smith carbine include the 3rd West Virginia, 7th and 11th Illinois, 1st Connecticut 7th and 10th Pennsylvania, 6 th and 9th Ohio. The 17th Pennsylvania and Third West Virginia used Smith carbines with great effect in the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. It was one of the most important Federal Cavalry carbines, and considered to be an accurate and reliable weapon! An early Civil War gun in a Fine + Condition. Cartridge shown for information purposes only.


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