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Ref.nummer: 2-1023
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#310XX. Cal. 50RF (56-50). Standard 22" Round Barrel. The orIginal 6 groove barrels were equipped with a new 3 groove bore and re-chambered for a 56-50 RF cartridge which produced a higher velocity than the original wartime 56-56 Spencer cartridge. They were issued to the frontier cavalry troops during the Indian Wars along with the new Model 1865 carbine already chambered for the 56-50RF cartridge. Retains 30% of blue finish on barrel, balance is a nice brown patina and 60% of color case on frame, lock, hammer and buttplate. Made in 1864, altered and refinished in 1867 at the Springfield Armory. The 3 groove barrel has the same serial number as the one on the frame. A Stabler magazine cut-off was added. Magazine has a 7 shot capacity. Has a clear and correct military inspector cartouche of alteration "TJS" Thomas J. Shepard on the stock. The address on frame is only partly (due to refinishing) but clearly visible. Mechanically perfect with an excellent bright bore. A rare (only about 11.000 were altered!), and far above average Model 1863 Civil War Spencer Carbine, 100% complete, correct and original. Cartridges shown for information purposes only. Very Fine +


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