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Ref.nummer: 2-1025
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#58XX. Standard 24" Octagon barrel. Cal. 44 Henry Rimfire. Barrel flat is stamped with the two-line Henry's patent date/New Haven address legend ahead of the rear sight and the serial number at the breech. Late brass model with first style brass buttplate. Retains about 20% of the original blue in protected area's (in the groove between barrel and magazine), the balance is a nice even brown patina. Brass frame is in excellent condition. It has four" dots" (one above the other), looks like number "080" between hammer screw and trigger pin, meaning unknown. Matching serial numbers present and correct. Nickel silver blade front sight and folding ladder rear sight with elevator bar. The left side of the stock has a sling swivel, and the left side of the barrel has a screw fastened ring for a sling hook. Excellent mechanical condition. Bore is very fine plus. This Henry was inspected by Benjamin Tyler Henry himself as indicated by the “H” on the lower tang. The total production of "standard" Henry rifles was appoximately 13.000. The rifle was made in 1864, and as such a Civil War gun!!! Experts believe that most Henry rifles manufactured between 1862 and 1865 were purchased by individual soldiers and saw some Civil War service. By 1864, many Federal soldiers in Western regiments were armed with privately purchased Henry rifles, it was the most advances rifle available during the Civil War! A far above average representative example of a Civil War era New Haven Arms Henry Rifle, very hard to find these days!!! Ammo box and cartridges shown for information purposes only.


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