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Ref.nummer: 2-1027
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#60XX. Cal.50 RF (56-50). Seven-shot repeater; loaded by magazine tube fitted trough center of buttstock. Standard 20" Barrel. 6 Groove rifling. Made by the Spencer Repeating Rifle Company. Barrel retains 95% of original blue, frame and lever show 85% of colour case. Buttplate has 75% of case hardening. Mechanically perfect, and has a mint bore. Correct 900 yards rear sight. Two perfect military cartouches present on the left side of the buttstock; DAP (Dwight A.Perkins, principal sub-Inspector) and EAW (ELijah A.Willams, inspector). Has a small spot of oxydation on top of frame near adrress but is hardly noticable with the naked eye. A total of about 22.959 carbines were manufactured in 1865-66 of which 18.959 were purchased by the U.S. Government, this carbine was one of them. First carbines were delivered in April 1865, 9 days after the final battle of the Civil War. They arrived too late to play a part in that conflict. They where however extensively used during the Indian Wars. Spencers were very popular with Native Americans. The gun is in nearly new condition!! Would be hard to improve. Cartridges stamped J.G. (Manufacturer Jacob Goldmark) shown for information purposes only.


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