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Ref.nummer: 2-1028
Prijs BTW in: P.O.R


#25XX Type II Carbine Cal 52 Percussion Breechloader. Standard 20" round barrel with octagon section at breech. Gun retains 98% of original overall blue on barrel including buttplate and 95% of colour case on frame, lever and hammer. Walnut stock with inspector markings "WHR"(William H. Russell inspector) and "RKW"(Robert K. Whiteley inspector). "WHR" inspector initials also present on the top rear of the stock near buttplate. Standard front sight, the rear sight is the correct 600 yards sight for a Type II Carbine. Matching serial number overall except the one under the barrel, it has # 2576 and not 2546 as the rest, but this is without a doubt a "Factory Error"! The big majority of the Carbines was stamped "Union Rifle" on the receiver's right side. This one does NOT have the marking which makes it a rare exception. Mechanically perfect and comes with a mint bore! The buttstock has 2 dings on the right side, probably from bad storage. Made in 1863. Civil War gun. Total production of Type II was about 4.000. A fine representative carbine that would definitely enhance any Civil War display or collection. Excellent condition, would be difficult to improve!


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