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Ref.nummer: 3-392
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 #137599. Original 7 1/2" barrel. Caliber 45 CF. Type IV. From 1895 to 1903 a total of 16.897 "US" marked Single Action Armies, were returned to either the Colt factory or Springfield Armory where they were modified/refurbished (most to 5 1/2 inch barrel length), dismantled and refinished, often with little regard to which gun the refinished parts came from, resulting in mixed serial numbers and markings. (this revolver is a Colt factory rework). The revolver is serial numbered "137599" on the frame , "137649" over a "K" on trigger guard and back strap, and 9101" on the cylinder also marked "P" and "H.N." (Henry Nettleton). The cylinder has no RAC stamp on the back but has a second "P" (proofed) and the letter "O" (Colt employee Inspector mark).The loading gate has assembly number "541". Barrel has number "7599", "P"(proofed) plus RAC, and the letter "K" (A. Kind, a Colt employee) is present near the ejector screw. Hammer slot with letters O and K (Colt employee Inspector marks).The ejector rod has the early round ejector rod head. Barrel is stamped with the correct 1891 period address. Left side of the frame is marked with the two-line/two-patent dates followed by "U.S." Standard blade front and frame notch rear sights, blue finish with casehardened frame and hammer. A one-piece smooth walnut grip with "1891" over a boxed cartouche "RAC" (Rinaldo A. Carr) on the left and "SEB" (Stanley E. Blunt) on the right. RAC should be on the right and SEB on the left but as the grip is numbered to the gun I can only assume this was a Colt error, both cattouches are original. The grip has no RAC on the bottom of the grip which is correct as it has "not" been replaced and as such did not pass Ordnance inspection! This is a rare Type IV Artillery revolver(7 1/2"BBL!) in a superb condition! Ref. Keith Cochran and John Kopec. A Colt factory letter is included with the gun. Cartridges shown are for information purposes only.


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